Free and Open Source Software for Geo-Spatial – FOSS4G for short – is actually the name of an annual conference, but precisely captures the nature of the tools I use and those I develop. GRASS-GIS was my entry point to a world where software users are first class citizens, themselves involved in all stages of software development. Through the years I contributed code and documentation to many different projects: QGis, OpenLayers, GeoTools, OWSLib and more.

During my time at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) I took part in the development of iGUESS, a decision support system relying heavily on PyWPS. From user to developer was one small step, in 2015 I integrated the core team that developed PyWPS-4. About that time I was appointed as charter member of the OSGeo Foundation and soon after I was a founding member of the PyWPS Project Steering Committee.

In 2018 I chaired the Scientific Committee of the FOSS4G-Europe conference, organised by the Portuguese chapter of OSGeo, of which I am a board member.

More recently I have worked on didactic contents for geo-spatial data processing with the Python programming language.

Selected literature